At first glance, the shipping department seems straightforward; just packaging up motorcycle parts, throwing a label on a box, and calling it a day. Not at CPV. Our shippers are more than that, they are skilled inspectors of world-class motorcycle paint finishes. After a part has gone through the entire paint process, we take the time to double-check everything: color, layout, finish, and even the part itself gets thoroughly inspected for imperfections. It’s where precision and high attention to detail is your greatest strength. Before boxing up a part, I think about CPV’s reputation for quality and excellence, and how every part I send out represents that legacy. 

One of my favorite things to do in the shipping department is validate the color-match of a part. This is a skill that takes time to learn and become proficient at. Color can be subjective, so I like to use a process I call “phoning a friend.” Which is when I ask a team member to double check the color. When it comes to paint color, we don’t mess around. What goes into making a captivating color is a complex process and many unpredictable variables can impact the end result. Paint color is where CPV has achieved a world-class reputation in paint finishes. One of our responsibilities is to hold a high standard on behalf of our customers. Color is our bread and butter, and getting it right is our specialty. 

"Color is our bread and butter, and getting it right is our specialty."

Shipping works closely with the buffing department; our lead buffer says we are like peanut butter and jelly. We work together to make sure that the parts meet the appearance specifications of our customers. I like to call the buffers miracle workers because of their skill at removing defects from a part that would prevent the part from meeting spec. Sometimes, I give them a part I’m not sure can be improved, and they bring it back looking amazing. We are the safeguards of the team: the final check ensuring a part is up to standard. Keeping communication open and having a good push and pull between the two departments is crucial. 

The most straightforward step in shipping comes when the part is perfectly wrapped to ensure it is ready to be shipped across the globe and ridden off into the sunset. When a rider receives a beautifully painted motorcycle they love, all the attention to detail and care we put in pays off. I personally love when customers send in photos of their completed bike with a note of appreciation for our work. Riders enjoying a motorcycle with a paint job they love is something I’m proud to have a little part in. Even though shipping can become an afterthought, it can have a huge role in ensuring an excellent part reaches our customers. At CPV, every member of the team plays a crucial role in developing high-quality paint jobs. That is why the shipping team is so much more than just shipping.

Authored By: Megan Oblein

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