CPV Paint & Graphics Ownership

Located just south of Milwaukee, CPV is a world-class paint facility specializing in defect free paint application and custom design. We are a tier-one and tier-two supplier to several major companies, delivering industry-leading hand painted parts. Our retail division provides paint repair, painted parts replacement, and one-off paint work to individuals and dealerships around the world.

We believe strongly that the highest standards of excellence are our guide to serve our customers and provide them with the best paint value in the world. Paint, color, and the object are not the focus of what we do, but rather it is the people we do it for, since we provide a pathway to personal expression.

This has been our motivation for over five decades and counting.
We paint Freedom Machines.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our investment in technology, industry networking, and volume of work experience. Our work is unrivaled.


We can do more than just claim to have high quality paint. We have the documentation to back it up. Our products are tested to strict standards based on chemistry and process. Our custom paint jobs are built to last; on science instead of hope.
We are artists and craftsmen. Our painters are solid on the fundamentals and our artists are skilled at design. With over a century of cumulative experience, we understand the synergy between paint and art.
With 60,000 square feet housing some of the finest equipment in the industry of refinish painting, we are invested in our customer’s products. Second place is not an option.
Figure out how to do it correctly, then do it again. Paint is a science, and we choose to treat it that way. With our ISO 9001:2015 certification and regular third-party audits, we ensure that our processes are systematic and standardized.
7 computer-controlled spray booths, 4 mixing rooms, modern short-wave infrared curing, dry atomizing air, redundant filtration, 5 flatbed plotters, spectrophotometer color reading, and standardized lighting are just a few. You will not find these in most paint shops.
We foster a culture centered on continuous improvement and a pursuit of excellence. Our genuine care for our team is reflected in our commitment to their growth. The atmosphere we cultivate nurtures creativity and celebrates achievement. Our culture embodies the principles of responsibility, teamwork, and mutual respect.


We custom paint with excellence, using color and design to provide a pathway for personal expression and add wonder to life.


  • Excellence – Desire and achieve it.
  • Integrity – Know and do what is right.
  • Respect – Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Responsibility – Embrace opportunities to contribute.
  • Quality – The product of the first four values.


We at CPV Paint & Graphics (Custom Painted Vehicles, Inc.) are committed to providing full satisfaction to our customers with respect to quality, reliability, and delivery. Our determination is to be an industry leader for all products that we offer.

We shall achieve this goal by:

  • Abiding by a Quality Management System conforming to International Standards.
  • Maintaining a team that is committed to “Getting it Right, the First Time.”
  • Finding and implementing opportunities for continuous improvement.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our investment in technology, industry networking, and volume of work experience. Our work is unrivaled.